FIRESIDE CHAT: Rapid Iteration in the Restaurant Technology Space - Finding the Right Platform to Fuel It
Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 1:15 PM - 1:45 PM
Sunder Pillai Brian Anderson

The restaurant industry had no choice but to pivot and pivot fast. While indoor dining came to a standstill overnight, the only chance these organizations had at survival was to shift to a fully contactless service while keeping health and safety front-of-mind and visible to the consumer. The rapid adoption of existing and emerging technologies secured the future of organizations across the country. Those who weren’t up to the challenge were forced to shutter their doors forever.

In this fireside chat, join Brian Anderson, Director of Technology for Modern Restaurant Concepts and ISG’s Sunder Pillai. In this honest and open conversation, Brian and Mike discuss what factors contributed to the successful pivot that Modern Market Eatery and Lemonade took to ensure their survival? Opening a ghost kitchen late last year was one of these steps. 

Key takeaways include:
  -  How has the supply chain, mobile order, website and third-party ordering affected business as a whole
  -  How did you ensure the guest experience equaled or surpassed the dine-in experience? 
  -  What measures have been taken to ensure customer satisfaction? 
  -  How do you see the industry changing when dining opens up again?
  -  What technology (and data) ensured a seamless shift and what role does it play in enhancing and developing the omnichannel experience?